Business Understanding

World-class performance demands world-class all levels! People on the shop floor are often left out of vital communication. When included, they have the power to fundamentally change the results of the business.

We have developed a Business Understanding programme that facilitates the sharing of critical business information and allows people at all levels to engage more meaningfully in the business.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To facilitate the discovery of fundamental business principles and procedures
  • To develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the business.
  • To provide a forum for raising questions, discussing problems and making recommendations for performance improvements.
  • To spell out the impact that individual contributions have on the overall performance of the business.

“Thank you very much for the good work done on the Business Understanding Programme.  The change in perspectives on the shop floor is really something to experience.  The workshops had a marked and measurable effect on our production performance figures, and I think that I can say without fear of contradiction that the work you did here contributed towards helping us achieve world leader status.”

Operations Manager
Richards Bay Coal Terminal